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Hino Morisada Villa Chidori is an inn located in a quiet street dotted with old merchant residences.


When you step inside, the flow of time stops and you are enveloped in a relaxing space.


Limited to one group per day, a luxurious adult time begins.


Customers have exclusive use of an annex, tea room, bookstore in a renovated closet, and sleeping area.


There, you can transcend time and space and enjoy the ``world of wabi-sabi'' of ancient Japan.


You'll be moved by the furnishings and rooms that incorporate Japanese aesthetics.




Meals include Omi beef and Omi vegetables, which are known as brand ingredients.


Our healthy soba kaiseki cuisine includes seafood shipped directly from Toyohama, Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, while continuing the tradition.


With a style that incorporates new ideas, it feels nostalgic, yet surprising, and is sure to excite you as you embark on a culinary adventure.




 The bath is a cypress bath and a nostalgic "Goemon bath" that reminds you of the past.


Soaking in a bath filled with "Yuzu" will wash away the fatigue of your travels.




First, go through the gate and proceed  "Doudan alley".  You will be greeted with matcha and sweets at "Tsukimitei", a pavilion in front of the stone pavement. 




There are various ways to use it, such as an important anniversary, a gift for someone who has helped you, or a reward for yourself.


Please spend a blissful time in a space where Japanese tradition is alive.

Morisada Villa Chidori


The package of Mountaineering

includes a pick-up service

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