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●Morisada Kaiseki

Morisada Kaiseki 7000 yen course.

Contents change depending on the season.

Available upon reservation.



Onion soba tofu

How much, pounded okra



colorful sushi



Grilled young chicken Yuan

Namafu dengaku

Muscat with vinegar miso

Asparagus cream cheese duck ham roll

Crafted kamaboko jelly


first suck

Soba noodles

Hamo, Chinese cabbage, zucchini



Tuna, sweet shrimp, carp


strong side dish

Grilled sweetfish

Vinegar ginger, dashi rolls, edamame


Stir together

Dried herring, winter melon, eggplant


Soba comparison

Koryu Soba Seiro


Water sweets

Green tea pudding

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