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●Hino Morisada Hime Gozen has begun.

Hime Gozen (Hino).jpg

●Eel bowl and soba noodles have started at Morisada Ueda and Morisada Hino stores.

Eel bowl and soba (Hino).jpg

●Hino Town is a town where Vintage Cars look great.

If you are visiting us with a vintage car from 1990 or earlier, please notify Morisada Cafe. We will give away a souvenir along with the photo shoot.

●Hino Morisada takeout has started.

Hino Morisada Himeinari 2.jpg

Himeinari 1,100 yen (tax included) Reservation required

Since ancient times, inari sushi has been served as lunch boxes for sports days, field trips, and when relatives gather during the Obon and New Year holidays. All of these memories are from a long time ago when I was a child...eating inari sushi, those days when I was very happy...

Perfect as a souvenir for greetings, or for ceremonial occasions for relatives...Inari is made with Kumamoto's Nankan-age and has a unique texture.

Morisada Ueda...reservation required    (TEL 052-893-8880)

Morisada Hino...reservation required    (TEL0748-29-3470)

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