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In addition to various courses, we also offer duck hotpots made with local brand Aichi duck.


5,000 yen 

(Tax included)​


DSC_1128 0.05.31.jpg

7,000 yen 

Example of 5,000 yen (tax included) course

We accept reservations according to your budget.



Tuna and avocado salad


Fresh peanuts  

Decorated sushi  Shrimp Conger eel

Fried cucumber and octopus skewers

peanut miso

Water eggplant wrapped in prosciutto

snap peas

strong side dish

Milanese cutlet


sea bream and salt



Kinmedai, Asparagus, Kintokiso


Today's soba

soy milk soba



Beniharuka and brown sugar ice cream

Aichi duck duck hotpot


Aichi duck, which was researched and developed to produce the highest quality meat in Japan, was born in the agricultural kingdom of Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. This duck meat has a very low fat melting temperature, and unlike imported duck meat, it has less odor and has a very mellow taste.

It is a rare duck that is currently being used in select restaurants in Aichi Prefecture and elsewhere, and is said to be impossible to eat anywhere else.

(6,000 yen per person, tax included, starting from 2 people)

Appetizer, Toji Soba, and sweets included

Touji soba
(Soba noodles are eaten by placing a small portion of soba in a rice basket, dipping it in a soup (pot) with a strong duck soup stock, and quickly boiling it.)


























Kamonabe 4.jpg

The photo shows 3 servings.

12210903_5a3afa66e99fa 2.jpg

Touji soba


Example appetizer (1 serving)

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