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Contact us   Hatago Morisada Bettei Chidori For inquiries regarding accommodation, please contact

送信ありがとうございました。(Thanks for submitting!)

Hino Morisada Villa Chidori

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Morisada Cafe

TEL 0748-36-3763

​●Morisada Cafe      Autumn afternoon set (limited time only)

2023.9 Afternoon set autumn version.jpg

​●Hino Morisada Annual Limited Time Autumn Urara started.

2021.9 Autumn Urara pop.jpg

​●Morisada Ueda The annual seasonal seasonal crab tomato cream pasta has begun.

Copy of tomato cream pasta with migratory crab (for poster).jpg

●Eel bowl and soba noodles have started at Morisada Ueda and Morisada Hino stores.

Eel bowl and soba noodles.jpg

●Hino Morisada started at Hime Gozen Ryoten from August 1st, following Morisada Ueda.

Hime Gozen.jpg

●Hino Town is a town where Vintage Cars look great.

If you are coming to our store with a vintage car or rare car from before 2000, please let Morisada Cafe know. We will give away a souvenir along with the photo shoot.

●Hino Morisada Cafe Afternoon Set Renewal

2023.4.21Afternoon set.jpg

Afternoon sets are available during business hours.

●Hino Mori Sadanai Art Gallery Hisakura Showa Retro Home Appliances Exhibition Now Being Held

Showa Retro Home Appliance Exhibition (Postcard).jpg

Vacuum tube radio, vacuum tube black and white television, vacuum tube electricity storage, etc. are in operation. Enjoy nostalgic sounds and images.

●Notice of start of Hino Morisada Mt. Watamukai mountain climbing package

We have started a day trip and overnight transportation plan for climbing Mt. Watamukai, a sacred mountain.

New cover.jpg

●Himeinari is now on sale at both Ueda and Hino Morisada stores (reservation required)

Morisada Ueda Himeinari 2.jpg

Himeinari 1,100 yen (tax included) Reservation required

Since ancient times, inari sushi has been served as lunch boxes for sports days, field trips, and when relatives gather during the Obon and New Year holidays. All of these memories are from a long time ago when I was a child...eating inari sushi, those days when I was very happy...

Perfect as a souvenir for greetings, or for ceremonial occasions for relatives...Inari is made with Kumamoto's Nankan-age and has a unique texture.

Morisada Ueda...reservation required    (TEL 052-893-8880)

Morisada Hino...reservation required    (TEL0748-29-3470)



●Hino Morisada Art Gallery Kura now accepting exhibitions


In the first place, it's just something I enjoy, but I also want to express the feelings I've put into the things I've made and collected.

Why not hold an exhibition and reach many people?

We will provide you with the perfect place to present your work.

Art Gallery Kura is a renovated earthen shed located on the grounds of an Omi merchant's mansion built in 1881.

In addition to the gallery, Morisada Hino also has a soba restaurant, cafe, inn, and shop.

You can spend a relaxing time at each location.

From the moment you step through the noren, you will be immersed in a comfortable space that is different from your everyday life.

The exhibition at the gallery will be held for 6 days (Tuesday to Sunday), and the exhibition will be changed weekly.

The exhibition hall (inside the closet) is approximately 16 tatami mats, and exhibition stands and lighting will be provided for your use.

It's usually an empty space, so you can layout it however you like. We also welcome those whose purpose is not only to display products but also to sell them.

We cater to both professionals and amateurs. It can be used alone or in a group.

Many people are looking forward to encountering your works and collections. 

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